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Flippers: A Haiku

I'm a flipper guy.

It's my preferred footwear of choice, and I wear them proudly wherever I go.

Even to somewhat formal events, when people point out that my choice in foot attire is a little on the lean side, I simply smile and remind myself of all the good things that flippers do.

Things like:

  • being 100x faster to put on and take off

  • looking great with shorts, pants, and no pants

  • allowing my feet to get wet and not even care about it

  • providing constant air refreshment to one of the most neglected parts of the body

  • and creating SUPER cool tan lines (instead of that awkward cut off sock line)

Flippers are pretty dang cool.

So cool, in fact, that I wrote a haiku.

Flippers blow my mind

Giving freedom to the feet

And rest for the soul

Okay, so it probably needs some work, but the point is I'm stoked to go on many adventures with these babies.

And when you're that stoked about something, you gotta tell the whole world.

So here it is, world!

Consider yourself told.


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