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For Something New...

For something new to grow, what's there has to die.

I heard these words today amidst an onslaught of tears, frustration, and pain. The circumstances are too raw and personal for much more detail. The disaster area that was once my heart will take a long while to heal. Yet, as much as my heart raged (and rages) against those ten words, I know it's true.

Forests are the best examples of this. Forest fires are devastating. Living in California, I know this very well. They‘re the most prevalent natural disasters we face. But did you know that pinecones only open and deposit their seeds during times of extreme heat? And that one tree can produce thousands of pinecones in it's lifetime? That means that every tree that burns to the ground has the potential of being replaced by hundreds of other trees.

The forest might be beautiful. It may have a special place in your heart. Seeing it on fire may cause you some of the deepest hurt and pain you've ever experienced. You may think that it is now just a wasteland.

But remember that growth comes after the fire.

No matter the pain and heartache, something new will rise from the ashes.

I feel like a fraud as I write these words, but truth is truth is truth. As fudged up as my heart feels, I know there are better days ahead.

My favorite saying is, ”This too shall pass.” It’s fitting for where I’m at right now.

I’m just praying it passes sooner than later.


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