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The Two Day Notice

Letterhead. You should always use letterhead when writing an official letter.

But there wasn't much time, so I just furiously typed away at the Google Doc.

Dear Management,

It's been great, but I kinda got offered another job in Oregon.

Oh, and it starts this Thursday (aka two days), so Wednesday will be my final day at work.

Thanks for the opportunity; I wish you the best.



Looks good. Print.

I folded the piece of paper, stuck it in a bland envelope, and scrawled my manager's name on the front. It wasn't pretty, but it would have to do. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I walked behind the bar and pinned it to the wall so it would be easy to find. When my shift ended, I left my apron on the counter and walked out the door.

Now, did I actually use those words? No, I was way more eloquent than that.

Is a two day notice terribly unprofessional? Yes.

Is it a reflection of my character? I'll give you a good argument as to why it isn't.

Would leaving that job be worth it? Well, I was going to find out.

And that's how my Oregon adventure began – a two day notice on a bar wall.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

And when one of your best friends asks if you'd like to play at summer camp up in the Oregonian woods, you draft a two day notice to your current employer and pack your bags (or reverse the order in my case).

It's nearly been two months since I wrote that letter and there have been so many adventures and funny stories that I'm still processing all of it. I could blow this whole blog up with stories of star-gazing, raft-battling, cliff jumping, hammock camping, food poisoning, and all other kinds of -ings, BUT I'm going to design a cool way to showcase these stories and photos and make it available for anyone that wants it.

Oh'll look something like this!

Oh the suspense!

If you'd like to read some crazy Oregon Adventure Stories, then be sure to subscribe to my mailing list! Not only will you get these stories sent to your inbox (when they're all ready, of course), BUT you'll also be able to get a hand-written letter from yours truly!

And trust me, they're pretty bomb! (Just ask the 40+ people I've already written to!)

So there you have it.

If you haven't done so already, CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

And as always, stay awesome.

(and try as hard as you can to avoid two-day quitting notices...but not too hard, ya know?)


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