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Difranco Entertainment

Home of The Mistery Machine

"Sam did a great job with our new website for our vocal group The Mistery Machine and DiFranco Entertainment! He had a lot of great ideas to start with and then was amazing at understanding what we wanted things to look like and how to make it come to fruition. We're really excited for a great 2018 with a great new website and marketing strategy! If you would like to see a sample of his work, check out our DiFranco Entertainment site. Thanks again for everything, Sam!"

– Mike, The Mistery Machine

Design Notes:

Working with Mike, Vince, and Kimberly to redesign their website was a blast. I don't know if I've ever met a more lively, talented, and diverse bunch of entertainers here in Monterey, and I wanted to incorporate their unique style into their website – keeping it light and friendly, but also professional and clean. 

Their original site was built using Wordpress and, frankly, was a bit of an eyesore. When they contacted me, our creative minds instantly clicked and they let me have a pretty wide range of control on how I thought the site should be laid out. 


With only a couple texts, phone calls, emails, and a late night around the dining room table, I came up with their new website. 

And they were all about it. 

Noteworthy Features:

The Mistey Machine, Scrolling Testimonials Demo

Social Proof: Scrolling testimonial slideshows (on both desktop and mobile) prove how awesome this group is, and more testimonials can easily be added to the slideshow as needed!

The Mistery Machine, Show Registration Demo

Get Your Tickets: An integrated registration and ticketing solution built right into their website that allows visitors to register and purchase tickets right through their website! Managing the guest list is a breeze!

Parallax Scrolling:

Parallax scrolling throughout the site keeps visitors on their toes, and creates and enjoyable user experience. It also boosts time spent on the website, contributing to keeping their name closer to the top of Google's search engine. 

Mobile Friendly:

This website is extremely mobile friendly, giving users the opportunity to find exactly what they're looking for without having to navigate a nearly-invisible menu system.

Video Player:

Instead of taking viewers away from their website to see a demo reel, we incorporated one right into the middle of their website via an integrated media player. Whenever they produce a new video, they are easily able to upload directly to their site for visitors to see.


Helping The Mistery Machine revamp their site was awesome!

The site is fun, fluid, and easy to navigate. It unfolds as the viewer scrolls further down, providing relevant, fun information that is designed to keep the site feeling fresh without being overwhelming. 

On top of a web redesign, I also helped them to build their mailing list (using a contact form built right into their site), establish a professional email address through Google, and think through how they can best use their social media to boost brand awareness. 

At the end of the project, they were given a site that they were proud of AND have complete control over.

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